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Product Overview

 An Easy Guide to TENS Pain Relief - DOWNLOAD

 "I prepared this book for Body Clock to help every user with pain relief. It illustrates how to treat pain and covers everything from understanding TENS, how to prepare yourself for a treatment, to where to place the pads, and a lot more. I believe it is an essential guide to success with TENS pain relief. I hope you find it helpful."

  Dr. G. Gadsby,

 Principal of the Society of Electrotherapists

 Key Benefits: 


  • Helps you understand TENS
  • Helps you prepare yourself for treatment
  • Instructs you where to place the pads
  • Lots of additional information
  • An essential guide to success with TENS


 This guide can be used with the following units: 


  • First Choice Range
  • Classic TENS
  • Flexi TENS
  • Libra TENS
  • Smart TENS
  • Profile TENS
  • TENS ‘n’ TONE
  • Femme Elite
  • V-TENS
  • Other leading brands