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Easy Guide to EMS – DOWNLOAD


“This book shows you how to tone your body both cosmetically and medically. It covers understanding EMS, preparing yourself for treatment, where to place the pads, and a lot more. I believe it is an essential guide to success with EMS. I hope you find it as helpful”.


Dr. G. Gadsby, 


Principal of the Society of Electrotherapists




Key Benefits:


  • Shows you how to tone your body
  • Helps you understand EMS
  • Helps you prepare yourself for treatment
  • Instructs you where to place the pads
  • Lots of additional information
  • An essential guide to success with EMS






This guide can be used with the following units:




  • Profile EMS
  • TENS ‘n’ TONE
  • Femme Elite
  • Tens n TONE
  • Other leading brands